Name and RankDesignationContact Information
SSUPT RIZALDE M CASTRORegional Director 09274828090
SUPT GENESIS F MORRONDOZDeputy Regional Director for Administration
SUPT GREG B BOMOWEYDeputy Regional Director for Operation
SUPT ANDRES T GALAPIARegional Chief of Staff
CINSP LORETA G NARAG Chief, Health Services Section and Dental Section09088946926
CINSP MARJORIE JENNA A AGGABAO-RESURRECCIONActing C, Administrative Division09352049054
CINSP FRANKLIN B TABINGOActing C, Operations Division09152909322
SINSP DAISY O ANDALActing C, Logistic Division09175561281
SINSP JAMILLE C BALORANActing C, Fire Safety and Enforcement Division/ Financial Disbursment Section09171163344
SINSP AIME B ESCUBIO-CARIÑOActing C, Plans and Programs Division09178572015
SINSP OLIVIA D UBIÑAActing C, Financial Management Division09178152178
SINSP ROMARIE G COMILLAS-UBRANDAChief, Regional Legal Service09174603595
SINSP NOVERLYN M CAOILEChief, Supply Accountability Section09171936639
INSP RICKY JAMES M ARROGANTEChief, Public Information Unit09999911070
INSP GLORY R URSULUMChief, Human Resource09665322262